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  Mission Statement  

The philosophy of Boone-Apache Public Schools is to provide each student the opportunity for a well rounded education by providing equitable educational opportunities and fostering lifelong learning as they prepare to participate in a democratic society. We believe that every student should be provided an atmosphere in which academic success, acceptable social behavior, special interest and career/vocational awareness are developed as they prepare for the future.

The Boone-Apache Public Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, or disability.

  About The School  


The first Apache School, built in 1901.

The first Apache school was built in 1901. This began the start of the Apache School District. In 1938 the first High School was built on Floyd Street. This school lasted for 63 years, but sadly the school was condemned because it was becoming unstable. This is when the building/construction of the new high school started. The new High School was finished in 2001 and it is still being used today. It is located on the corner of Highway 19 and Highway 281.